Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 14, 2011

Kinda a crazy week. The whole mission got together and got to hear elder Evans of the 70 speak, went to a new missionary thing in São Paulo for a day, one of our investigator families (they have a son our age) invited us to come over play fifa, get a pizza, SLEEP over, and then go the beach the next day haha. Oh and I am getting a Brazilian comp tomorrow, oh and there was a ward talent show that was pretty wild. Tons of laughter and everyone got really into it. So its been a good week. The work has been going pretty slow this week, I think we only had 1 investigator at church, the rest of the say they will and then dont show up. Kinda frustrating but hopefully with this new comp we can turn it around. I feel like we need to create a sense of urgency for them to go to church and be baptized and what not. The Portuguese is coming along better, I can now get out a majority of what I want to say, still tough everyday but its coming. Oh and the weather is all over the place, some days its 96 or 100 and other days it in the 70s and everyone says its way too cold haha and 100 is way to hot. Good week, a lot of bus traveling, but still good, guess my new comp is a district leader, idk it will be interesting with him not being able to speak english. Love you all and thanks for you letters/emails!

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