Friday, October 12, 2012

Mission Address

Elder Ryan McCord
Missao Brasil, Sao Paulo Sul
Av. Dr. Luis da Rocha Miranda 159, 8(degree) Andar
Pq. Jabaquara-Sao Paulo-SP 04344-010

Picture Updates

Ryan has passed the 14th month mark. He is serving in Itanhaem, Brazil. He would love letters!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 14, 2011

Kinda a crazy week. The whole mission got together and got to hear elder Evans of the 70 speak, went to a new missionary thing in São Paulo for a day, one of our investigator families (they have a son our age) invited us to come over play fifa, get a pizza, SLEEP over, and then go the beach the next day haha. Oh and I am getting a Brazilian comp tomorrow, oh and there was a ward talent show that was pretty wild. Tons of laughter and everyone got really into it. So its been a good week. The work has been going pretty slow this week, I think we only had 1 investigator at church, the rest of the say they will and then dont show up. Kinda frustrating but hopefully with this new comp we can turn it around. I feel like we need to create a sense of urgency for them to go to church and be baptized and what not. The Portuguese is coming along better, I can now get out a majority of what I want to say, still tough everyday but its coming. Oh and the weather is all over the place, some days its 96 or 100 and other days it in the 70s and everyone says its way too cold haha and 100 is way to hot. Good week, a lot of bus traveling, but still good, guess my new comp is a district leader, idk it will be interesting with him not being able to speak english. Love you all and thanks for you letters/emails!

November 7, 2011

So still got a language barrier, which is pretty though to get past. I have had some struggles with the language but thank you everyone for your prayers. They really do help. We are teaching a family and are going back there tonight. Me and E. meacham got caught in a crazy thunderstorm tuesday night and got drenched! We are still walking a lot and I think I messed up my acl but we will see how it goes

October 21, 2011

So last P-day I went to viente cinco de Março (25th of March) a street famous in Brazil b/c they sell everything there. Its a big street full of knock offs, stolen stuff, pretty much everything. So that was sweet got some really nice ties and a soccer jersey. I chose Corinthians, a brazilian team, I guess they are kinda like a raiders or bengals of the NFL. Havent really won anything in 100 years (Cubs....) and their team is kinda sketchy. So as a missionary I had to chose them, it was an obligation more than anything. Then we saw the police beat some guy with his nightstick which was intense, I guess here they dont take any crap. We also taught a family and it seems like everytime there is more people there which is great, but they dont come to church, we will teach them tonight so we will see how that goes. We are trying to get a blind lady who is really sweet and her kids to come back to church. the frustrating thing is a lot of people say they will go to church and then wont. We also joined the stake choir, they didnt have many men I guess. The Portuguese is coming better, I can make out the general idea of what they are saying....normally it is still a struggle everyday but its getting better. The women here always feed us when we go to there house and always say come mais (eat more) come mais haha. But good week, thanks for all your support. Love you all!

Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011

First week in Brazil! I am in San Bernardo and its great to be here, different for sure though. Lunch is the main meal of the day and breakfast and dinner are nearly non existent so you just have to cram yourself. We also do a lot of walking, at least 6 miles a day so thats a big change. Its been great though, the language is still really tough b/c people speak so fast, I dont know all the words, and have different accents. Its been fun though. My comp is Elder Meacham, who I kinda remember from our family reunion (2nd cousin) and he helps me out alot b/c basically I can only say things and when they respond I am in trouble haha. Besides that though, the ward is good. There are a lot of young families here and a lot of little kids. The people seem to be pretty open to the gospel. They are friendly too once you start talking with them, they seem to open up. A good first week though, oh and I went through my first favela, its pretty nice though, so no worries mom. Thanks for all the emails and prayers, it definantly helps when you feel like the only person down here who cant speak the language. Here is the address to send things too if you want.
Av. Dr. Luis da Rocha Miranda 159, 8th Andar Pq. Jabaquara - São Paulo -SP 04344-010
Long I know but oh well. Well not much else to report, we are just trying to find some people to teach. Cause we dont have a ton of progressing investigators. Love you all and have a great week!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 17, 2011

So I got my visa! I found out on Thursday and I leave on Wednesday, still havent found out the flight plans yet but at least I know I am going down there. Just hope the little bit of Portuguese will get me by for awhile. Some highlights to this week are that I have been fed a ton, I want to say 12 times this week, maybe more so not complaints there. The people of Paducah have really taken care of me. Its been great to be here. Oh I had the opportunity to listen to elder Christofferson of the qourum of the 12 speak which was great and he spoke about many subjects b/c it was a q and a at the end but just his presence and the spirit he carried was really strong. He did say that often times we dont listen enough in our prayers which really stood out to me. Cant complain about hearing from an apostle, it was great because he is such a smart man but yet relies a lot on the spirit and loves to tell jokes and is witty, which I appreciated. I also went tracting for the first time, it was alright nice to get out and walk, but literally everyone we already talked to already had a church which I am not surprised. So we never did end up finding the Brazilians in that supposed area but oh well. Then we did some contacting in the "city" and found one that might be interested, the nice part of being in the bible belt is that everyone already has some religious foundation and some knowledge. Oh and I cant leave out the "greenie" meal the chapmans made for me. I dont feel that or new or like a greenie but I guess I am. So we had green mash potatoes, green rolls, green kool-aid, green bean casserole and a roast which was good. Oh and a pistachio (green) cheesecake, and she is a great cook. So it was fantastic. We have also been teaching a lady named Teri, which has been going well. She has a baptist backgound but believes everything she says but still hasnt managed to pray about the book of mormon, but I have enjoyed teaching her and honestly have learned a lot. Well thats about it for this week. Its been great to be here in Paducah but am excited to go to Brazil. Thank you all for your love and support


elder Ryan McCord