Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 14, 2011

Kinda a crazy week. The whole mission got together and got to hear elder Evans of the 70 speak, went to a new missionary thing in São Paulo for a day, one of our investigator families (they have a son our age) invited us to come over play fifa, get a pizza, SLEEP over, and then go the beach the next day haha. Oh and I am getting a Brazilian comp tomorrow, oh and there was a ward talent show that was pretty wild. Tons of laughter and everyone got really into it. So its been a good week. The work has been going pretty slow this week, I think we only had 1 investigator at church, the rest of the say they will and then dont show up. Kinda frustrating but hopefully with this new comp we can turn it around. I feel like we need to create a sense of urgency for them to go to church and be baptized and what not. The Portuguese is coming along better, I can now get out a majority of what I want to say, still tough everyday but its coming. Oh and the weather is all over the place, some days its 96 or 100 and other days it in the 70s and everyone says its way too cold haha and 100 is way to hot. Good week, a lot of bus traveling, but still good, guess my new comp is a district leader, idk it will be interesting with him not being able to speak english. Love you all and thanks for you letters/emails!

November 7, 2011

So still got a language barrier, which is pretty though to get past. I have had some struggles with the language but thank you everyone for your prayers. They really do help. We are teaching a family and are going back there tonight. Me and E. meacham got caught in a crazy thunderstorm tuesday night and got drenched! We are still walking a lot and I think I messed up my acl but we will see how it goes

October 21, 2011

So last P-day I went to viente cinco de Março (25th of March) a street famous in Brazil b/c they sell everything there. Its a big street full of knock offs, stolen stuff, pretty much everything. So that was sweet got some really nice ties and a soccer jersey. I chose Corinthians, a brazilian team, I guess they are kinda like a raiders or bengals of the NFL. Havent really won anything in 100 years (Cubs....) and their team is kinda sketchy. So as a missionary I had to chose them, it was an obligation more than anything. Then we saw the police beat some guy with his nightstick which was intense, I guess here they dont take any crap. We also taught a family and it seems like everytime there is more people there which is great, but they dont come to church, we will teach them tonight so we will see how that goes. We are trying to get a blind lady who is really sweet and her kids to come back to church. the frustrating thing is a lot of people say they will go to church and then wont. We also joined the stake choir, they didnt have many men I guess. The Portuguese is coming better, I can make out the general idea of what they are saying....normally it is still a struggle everyday but its getting better. The women here always feed us when we go to there house and always say come mais (eat more) come mais haha. But good week, thanks for all your support. Love you all!

Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011

First week in Brazil! I am in San Bernardo and its great to be here, different for sure though. Lunch is the main meal of the day and breakfast and dinner are nearly non existent so you just have to cram yourself. We also do a lot of walking, at least 6 miles a day so thats a big change. Its been great though, the language is still really tough b/c people speak so fast, I dont know all the words, and have different accents. Its been fun though. My comp is Elder Meacham, who I kinda remember from our family reunion (2nd cousin) and he helps me out alot b/c basically I can only say things and when they respond I am in trouble haha. Besides that though, the ward is good. There are a lot of young families here and a lot of little kids. The people seem to be pretty open to the gospel. They are friendly too once you start talking with them, they seem to open up. A good first week though, oh and I went through my first favela, its pretty nice though, so no worries mom. Thanks for all the emails and prayers, it definantly helps when you feel like the only person down here who cant speak the language. Here is the address to send things too if you want.
Av. Dr. Luis da Rocha Miranda 159, 8th Andar Pq. Jabaquara - São Paulo -SP 04344-010
Long I know but oh well. Well not much else to report, we are just trying to find some people to teach. Cause we dont have a ton of progressing investigators. Love you all and have a great week!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 17, 2011

So I got my visa! I found out on Thursday and I leave on Wednesday, still havent found out the flight plans yet but at least I know I am going down there. Just hope the little bit of Portuguese will get me by for awhile. Some highlights to this week are that I have been fed a ton, I want to say 12 times this week, maybe more so not complaints there. The people of Paducah have really taken care of me. Its been great to be here. Oh I had the opportunity to listen to elder Christofferson of the qourum of the 12 speak which was great and he spoke about many subjects b/c it was a q and a at the end but just his presence and the spirit he carried was really strong. He did say that often times we dont listen enough in our prayers which really stood out to me. Cant complain about hearing from an apostle, it was great because he is such a smart man but yet relies a lot on the spirit and loves to tell jokes and is witty, which I appreciated. I also went tracting for the first time, it was alright nice to get out and walk, but literally everyone we already talked to already had a church which I am not surprised. So we never did end up finding the Brazilians in that supposed area but oh well. Then we did some contacting in the "city" and found one that might be interested, the nice part of being in the bible belt is that everyone already has some religious foundation and some knowledge. Oh and I cant leave out the "greenie" meal the chapmans made for me. I dont feel that or new or like a greenie but I guess I am. So we had green mash potatoes, green rolls, green kool-aid, green bean casserole and a roast which was good. Oh and a pistachio (green) cheesecake, and she is a great cook. So it was fantastic. We have also been teaching a lady named Teri, which has been going well. She has a baptist backgound but believes everything she says but still hasnt managed to pray about the book of mormon, but I have enjoyed teaching her and honestly have learned a lot. Well thats about it for this week. Its been great to be here in Paducah but am excited to go to Brazil. Thank you all for your love and support


elder Ryan McCord

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 3, 2011

In Paducah, Kentucky! It is pretty much like Brazil haha not even close but from what I have seen I love it. Currently in Eastern Kentucky and am with 2 zone leaders as my companions. Its been great and I am learning a lot from them and from the member. Taught my first lesson or should say listened to it, we gave a lesson to a family members friend at their home at the 2nd counselors home. I didnt really say much but it was great I almost started to take notes. Oh and pretty much everyone here has a church which I guess is a good thing and everyone seems to know the bible well, aka the Bible belt. Definantly got some reading to do. Havent had a real day of missionary work with general conference and then my p-day today but its been great so far. I try to catch up on my Portuguese in my downtime, not that we have a lot but just when we are waiting for something or are driving. We have a huge area, we drove to a house last night that was 21 miles from the church building and that wasnt even the farthest member, definantly not like utah where if you go 21 block you are in a different stake. I have really enjoyed it here, the other missionaries are definantly trying to help me adjust as I figure out the routine. We dont have a ton of investigators but I feel like we are making progress.

So I got to mention this, we are allowed to listen to mo-tab and a nashville tribute, the nashville tribute is great. I guess only in the Nashville mission can you listen to country music and call it church music, its got church type lyrics mixed with pretty much like mo-tab....haha. But I really enjoy it out here, I still cant wait to get down to Brazil but am enjoying it here. It really helps how nice everyone is here, I cant get over it. I also learned a lot about how to trap beavers and bow hunting for deer, so I cant say it hasnt been educational being out here! Got to love hearing about trapping beavers while having bbq right before conference. Its fantastic. OHHHH I can also email family and friends, so mallory if you could put that on FB and send me some email addresses of my friends and other members of the fam that would be great! Oh and our mission does Facebook, where we talk to investigators online, I dont get it yet but we will see how it works. I also set up a account, I dont feel productive when I do it so I might just study portuguese but we will see. But ya can't beat Paducah! Oh and conference was fantastic, I think I learned more than I ever have and we are lucky enough to have Elder D. Todd Christofferson come on the 15th, you will have to tell Grandma Mary Ann that, I remember her saying they were good friends. I love this work.

Love you all and thanks for the support.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nashville, Tennesse

Ryan will be going to Nashville, Tennessee while he awaits his visa to Brazil. He leaves September 30th for Nashville. He does not know how long he will be in Tennesse.

To send him letters, the address is:
Elder Ryan McCord
105 Westpark Dr. Suite 190
 Brentwood, TN 37027
United States

September 29, 2011

I think I will call the home phone between 6 to 630 Utah time, so 5 to 530 your guys time. I think I only have 5 minutes to talk though and I should be able to call you tomorrow morning at the airport, I get my flight plans after lunch so I will be able to tell you then. I am pretty excited to go to nashville, obviously never been there before and never guessed I would, still hoping I get my visa soon but I am definantly excited to go to Tennessee, cant complain about going to two missions. Oh and dont worry, I am not breaking any rules by emialing you, since I have P-day again today because I have to pack and what not. I am going to send the shoes back to Kess today, and do you know if she has sent new ones yet. I just dont know how the pair of rockports I bought with dad will do walking. Its great to hear from you all and thanks for telling me about Jacob, that sounds amazing. I know the beginning of my mtc experience was a little rough, and everyone for the most part kinda questions what they are doing here but I really feel now that I have made the most of this experiences. I have worked hard and made a lot of friends, overall a great experience and I love the direction I have been getting while being here. Love this work.

Love you all,

Elder Ryan McCord

September 28, 2011--Nashville, Tennessee

So I am leaving on Friday, I will call you all tomorrow and give you an email, it will probably be in the afternoon. send you an email a few hours before. Love you

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 27, 2011

So this is the week when I get my reassignment to somewhere in the states, english speaking. I really have no idea where I could go and from what I have seen so far its very random, most of the times you only go with one other elder from your district. So I should find that out tomorrow around 1 or so and then depending on when I leave can call home at the airport or friday or something. I will definantly send you all an email the day before I call. So thats the big news for this week, it is crazy that it has already been 8 weeks, I am actually having a great time, even though it seems like everyone else doesnt really like the mtc. I guess I just got pretty lucky to have 2 good friends in my district and have made friends with a lot of other elders. Finally started to work well with my companion and planning and studying together so that has made things go by real well and its amazing how time flies here. The portuguese is coming along pretty well, still working on verb conjugations and memorizing words, but at this point I no longer have to translate before I speak. Hopefully I dont lose it while I am in the U.S. for who know how long. I have a feeling I will go to NYC, anyone else have any guesses? I should be able to watch general conference here but the schedule is pretty crazy as they have to feed everyone in between sessions and what not, but I am excited as its a chance to get out of class and listen to some inspired men and women. Oh I also had the chance to host this past wednesday and tomorrow, its basically where you take the new elders with their bags to their rooms and then their classrooms, it is actually really interesting how families interact, there was one family who was crying and another one that says "see you in two" and drives off. It was a good experience though and funny to see how nervous some of them were. The phrase for this week for you all is Tudo bem? I feel blessed to learn a language here and the 8 weeks has also given me the opportunity to get a lot more scripture study in which I was kinda behind in. Oh I also didnt realize that in order to go to Brazil you must graduate seminary, guess those early mornings actually payed off.

Love you all and have a great week,

Elder Ryan McCord

Mals how are you teachers? you feeling better yet? what are you xc times? you running on your toes? take the SAT yet?

Pooch that stinks about soccer, sounds like you are getting cheated, just remember to play physical. Do you have more hw now? when does bball start? hows graham playing? and uw? Kess how was nyc? and can I get my memory card back yet? I might just have to ship those shoes back to you. Dating anyone? please dont send anymore candy, already have too much, thanks though. Love the packages! Taylor hows school going? you playing any intermurals? how many semesters left do you have? still living in that big house? Mom how are the little kids? hows the spanish coming? cant believe you are taking a college class. Dad hows school going? hows seminary with mals? heard sweets left for school. Thanks for the email from scott, need his address though.

Oh mals can you please update my address on fb when I find out. Thanks love you all and talk to you soon!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 20, 2011

So I dont think those shoes will work, what should I do? Can I just send Kess a picture of the ones I want? Thanks for trying though mom I really do appreciate it. So why is Kess in NYC? still didnt figure that one out? How is mals doing in xc? can I get times? How is she liking junior year, crazy it seems like last month she was a freshmen. Thats great about Pooch, got moved up to forward, remember to be aggressive and dont be afraid to go through kids. Thats was pretty good for the laps though 6 1/2in 12 minutes, still running with mals? Thanks for the football scores too. Mom the kids sound pretty strange not going to lie, have any biters this year or any Pelles or whatever that little french girls name was. Dad you start teaching at BC yet? Still playing church ball? Hows chandler doing adjusting back? tell him thanks for the letter, it means a lot. Oh and any chance I can get ahold of Garrett campbell, maybe email b/c stamps are too expensive! Love you all and thankyou so much. Kess can you buy a medium BYU shirt and I will send you money in return and find me the propet's I need. Thanks and have a great week!
So I see Joon about everyother day, so its good to talk and I have a lot of other friends here, so its always a fun time. So still no word on my visa, however I am actually really happy I came to this mtc. So in the past 4 weeks we have heard from 3 apostles. First Holland, than Ballard, and tonight Russell M. Nelson. Elder Nelson talked about the the BOM a lot and made several references to the new ensign that came out. I read the first 50 pages or so and its truely it great. It has been great though to hear from the apostles so often, and often times it is not the words they say but the spirit that they bring to the meeting which is so great. We are still studying here a lot and most of the times that studying is focused on the needs of our investigators (our teachers), but I find that a lot of the time the studying provides answers for some of my needs. Then trying to say what I learned in Portuguese is often times another story haha but the Portuguese is coming along pretty well, my verb conjugation is coming along better and I can speak fluently and quickly more often than not and a lot of the times I find its more how you say it then what you say. The days really do go by fast and its fun here, the 6 hours of class dont go by so slowly as I really try to crack down and learn Portuguese. Hopefully my reassignment til I get my visa isnt that long so I can keep my language skills. I know all the stuff I wrote before sounds boring but it is a good time here, from the small squirt gun fight, to teasing our British friends, its a good time. But its been going pretty well so far, still winning in soccer, so no need to worry. Finally figuring out how to work effectively in our companionship. I feel like its all finally coming together, just before I leave. Thank you for all the letters and the packages it really is a great help. Love you all, and tell everyone I say hi. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 13, 2011

So I just got my pants that you all sent in the mail and I finally got my other pants hemmed, so now I finally have more than 2 pairs of pants to wear. Which will be nice, they are changing the mail room to another building so I will probably get that and dear elders later. Oh and I finally got my online visa done about 10 minutes ago, so hopefully it gets done soon so I can head straight down there, but who knows. This week has gone by pretty well, while the verb conjugations are still pretty tough I felt like I was finally starting to get a hang of the languange and talk pretty fast. Which is nice because I dont feel so boring when I talk. Our district probably talks about 50% of the time in Portuguese, so thats nice. There is a ton of study time too but we watch quite a few mormon messages to give ourselves breaks. We are literally studying for probably 3 to 4 hours a day. Which is pretty intense but oh well. Oh soccer is going to well too, our district still hasn't lost yet. Tell Pooch I had a 45 yard bomb , curved it in the top left corner. So I want to know when he can top that haha. The gym time really helps to break up the monotony of the schedule, which is tough because sometimes you feel like you arent making much progress but we got a great district and so guys are always helping each other out. But ya the study time consists alot of planning for lessons, reading from preach my gospel, studying portuguese words. Then we usually have class,which is all in Portuguese. Oh and not really related but we always hear about BYU football, like a friend of mine will get a letter about it, or someone will find a newspaper article just kinda funny. Well I love you guys and thanks for the letters.

How is Mallory doing in xc? times? how is junior year? How is matt doing in soccer? record? scoring any goals? Does he have any teachers I have? Hows school going? Hows BC going for dad, ever see Jeff? Can I get his, Jake's, and Chris' address? Hows pre-school going for mom? When does Taylor head back to school? Who is he living with? How come Kess is going to NYC? Hows her love life? Thanks Pooch for the scores! The guys in the hall love them haha. I might write a little more later today but love you guys. Oh and can you check with scott Mccord's family if I ever wrote them back.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 6, 2011

So this week has gone by pretty well. The highlight was definantly Elder Holland talking to us last tuesday night for Devotional. He was very good and a powerful speaker. His talk didnt have a single topic but was kinda all over the place, he talked about prayer, the atonement, scripture study, how missionaries are often very as perfect as members and how we have no right to destroy that image. It was overall a very good talk. Oh I was in choir for it too, we he said he loved, so cant complain but I think I am done now b/c I dont think we will be getting another general authority while I am here. The Portuguese is coming along pretty well, but it got pretty tricky this week as we learned different verb conjugations, it is pretty similar to the spanish conjugations but still its tough cause we learned 5 different forms. The study has been going better this week, it is kinda tough at time to focus for an hour and a half at times but its good. I have gotten pretty close with most of the other elders in my district, although being in a room together for 10 hours a day can sometimes wear on you haha. Jessica sent me a little squirt gun this week, so that has led to some fun when we get back to our rooms, but one of the elders broke it yesterday so no more fun I guess. Its is amazing how many hours in the day I actually am able to focus, I have never focused this much at a time in my life or on one topic. But I can focus more and more fun each week. We have some really goofy elders which makes it fun, like Elder kolb my friend from school is always making joke and so is his comp elder stiborek. So its going pretty well, of course some days go by faster than others but for the most part it is enjoyable. I think mom would be proud of me that I am actually waking up at 6:30 every morning, its tough but every does it. Not sure what else to tell you, it is starting to get cold here too but we are always inside anyways. Oh and everytime for gym time I play soccer, had a sweet goal from 35 yards out yesterday. The best part of soccer though is you ge to leave the MTC compound, get to be outside, and run around which is a big deal cause I plan on sitting in a chair for at least 9 hours a day if not 14 its crazy. It is still difficult at times with the comp, just being with someone all the time and with someone who I probably wouldnt choose to be friends with but oh well, trying to make the most of it. So ya the grey pants would be sweet 34x34 works and propets size 11.5 should work I have tried on a few other kids propets and those should work, I just found one of the pairs of shoes I had wasnt really made for walking. Is mals excited to be a junior...crazy! and pooch in 7th grade? ohh and I cant believe AJ is going to be in middle school with pooch, maybe he can help matt with his hw. Thanks for the pictures I will try to print some off today for you guys. Thanks for all the letters and notes it really does help. Oh and tell mals to update me on her xc and tays schooling and kess' hunt for a husband or just a bf..I will take anything at this point.

Love you all so much,

Elder Ryan McCord

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30, 2011

So everything is going pretty well here, we got 2 new roommates, one of which I was friends with at BYU so thats pretty cool. We also had our whole schedules changed cause of our teachers byu schedule so we will see how that goes. Its about to be an entire month here and the days go by faster and faster each day. I got 2 packages from Julie and Juliun which has been sweet to hear from them. The portuguese is coming along pretty well too which is great, although it is kinda tough to have a conversation because we know a lot of verbs but most/nearly all of our vocab is gospel things, which makes sense and I can teach lessons more easily now but if you ask me about going shopping I would have no idea what to say haha. This week has gone really well, I feel the spirit more and more each day. Also its sweet cause i thought I wouldnt be prepared gospel wise but what I have found is that the lessons are really simple and basic. Of course more preparation would have been nice but I am feeling I am doing well. Oh and can you guys ask about the visa situation cause I havent even gotten my online done yet, so I will probably be reassigned somewhere like most of the brazilian missionaries are but it would be nice to go straight down there. Oh and I asked last week if you wanted pictures but no response, dont worry mom I am taking some about 30 or 40 so far. My district is getting alrong really well and we are like a big family, we get a little roudy in class but we work hard too. So about the shoes, my heels were just killing me for the first 2 weeks so idk we will see how it goes. Also my pants that mom hemmed were too short so I am getting the hemming redone(my bad mom, thought they were long enough), but if kess could maybe get a dark grey ones, even from DI would be sweet. It would be nice just not to have to switch off from my blue ones to charcoal and then back. Anyways though I think an apostle might be coming tonight but we will see. It was tough at first but really now starting to feel the spirit and see the change I can make in peoples lives, even though they are fake investigators. I have also used a lot of stories in class about the trips to Ecuador and Bolivia. So that has been great. My comp is pretty cool, occasionally gets on my nerves and tries to tell jokes somethimes but its fine haha. So Taylor wanted t know what we did on P days and its basically temple, laundry, eat, sleep..maybe, and just hang out with guys in our district and then we will have choir practice and a devotional tonight. So its good, got a bunch of great guys in my district so its been a lot of fun. Hows 7th grade going for pooch? soccer still? hows junior year for mals going? and hows xc? she still managing my fb? haha How was Taylors trip with grandma? I heard gma's prespective but I want taylors. I heard mom hit just wasnt hard enough! Thanks for all the emials dad and the updates. You start at BC yet? and never got that letter from Jake you told me about. I wish I could have heard chandlers talk I am sure it would have been sweet.

Love you all and thanks for keeping me in your prayers.

Elder Ryan H. McCord-

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pictures before going into the MTC

 Ryan and his cousin McCord

 Ryan's last kiss from his aunt

Other missionaries going into the MTC

Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011

So this week went pretty well, thank you for all the mail and the package, the picture of AJ's mole was especially nice! How's kess training going? or did she stop? Where is she working next summer? Hows mallory's training for xc going? she running on her toes yet? How's Taylor's trip to South Dakota with grandma going, I bet she is having a blast. Has Pooch finished his summer reading book yet and has he started basketball? Thanks for the quotes each day mom, they really help me out. How was Jackson Hole? what did you guys do? Oh and tell dad to pay the net on my paychecks

This week went pretty well, I finally feel like I can effectively teach in Portuguese which is amazing. Even though the investigators we teach are just our teachers or other teachers pretending to be someone else, when you truely give a lesson driven by the spirit you can feel it. During the middle of one of our first lessons with an investigators I asked for them to be baptized and set a date and they said yes. That truely was a great feeling. The teachers here truely do care about your progress which is very nice and encouraging. Tell Jessica to look up Steven Cope, one of my teachers who is in Ricky Clark's ward. Stephen B. Allen spoke yesterday and the guy is hilarious, he had all these stories about obedience. Then he gave the talk which he wrote about feeling the spirit. Sometimes it is nice to mix in the comedy because some of the days can feel like a grind. sometimes we spend up to 10 hours in the same classroom! The Portuguese is coming though, I can say a lot about the gospel and I feel the words I need to know for the streets will come when I get down there. Nearly all my prayers are in Portuguese and I say a lot of them (need all the help I can get haha). Starting to get along better with my comp, we definantly have rough times but for the most part it goes well. I feel bad for another kid, Elder Heilner, who was actually in Grandma Hollands ward in Plano, his comp doesnt stop arguing. Arguing and contention drive the spirit away, yep after 19 years I finally got that lesson mom. Anyways we play soccer quite often during gym time and we split it up whites versus and we havent lost for 2 weeks, the Mexican Elders arent happy. Oh Weston Healy just got his visa, he is Duffy's comp so he is leaving tomorrow. I just want to get mine soon and get down there!!! It is fun here though, the lilttle things you find joy out of are amazing. From drawing on the whiteboard to singing songs just to help us from going crazy during all the study time. Oh and the whole district, all 11 of us are in the choir for the 2nd straight week, its sweet and way better than studying. Never thought I would get so much joy out of singing hymns but sometimes I just stop and listen and the spirit is there and its powerful.

Well Love you all, and thanks for the Dear Elders they really keep me motivated throughout the week.

Love your son, brother, and missionary,

Elder Ryan Holland McCord

Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011

In my district there are 11 guys including myself. Duffy, Kolb, and Healy (Trish's friends from Ecuador) are all in my district. The schedule is getting more routine and easier. I have learned a lot this past week and a half about what it is to be a missionary and also a lot about myself. It is not easy to be around the same person for 24 hours a day but Elder Clingman and I are finally starting how to figure out how to make things work. We get fake investigators who we teach all the way through, in only Portuguese of course, but its starting come though. I find myself speaking more and more each day and its absolutely amazing. I have also found this experience to be humbling and that I have had to turn myself over to the Lord, because I know I can not do this on my own. This has been very evident in my lessons, when there is just a voice that takes over and gives you words that you may have only seen once. At first this work was so difficult and it still is but I am working as hard as I can everyday and I am starting to truely find comfort in this work. Thank you family for all the support you have given me through the years, and I am just now realizing all you have done for me. Whats going on at home? Hows tay tay and kess doing? Is it true AJ finally rode his bike up hill? Hows the marathon going? Hows mals XC? Oh and if there is any chance you could send down my other pair of compression shorts and my black hawaii shorts that would be great, maybe one more t shirt cause we have gym everyday. Well Love you all and thank you for your prayers.

Love, Elder Ryan McCord

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ryan's First Email--August 8, 2011

Thanks for the email from Scott. He is definantly right it is tough, I thought me and a bunch of the other guys in my district(classroom) were going to lose it on Thursday. We are in classrooms trying to learn Portuguese for 7 hours a day and then we have study time for another 3 hours, it is intense and grueling but I have started to get used to it. I have 3 other guys who I knew before in my district of 11 people so its a lot of fun. Although having a companion is kinda weird and was very tough at first, I am definantly not used to being around some one nearly 24/7. Elder Clingman, my companion though is a pretty nice kid from Utah, a little different from what I am used to...he is from utah after all but he is nice and works really hard so no problems there. Brother Bateman gave a talk on faith last night which was absolutely incredible and inspired me to try harder and he talked about some things I had never thought about before, it was great. I also got the chance to go to the Provo temple this morning which was nice, but I had to wake up at 6:15 which is getting easier but is still pretty though. The MTC is not what I expected, its a compound lets be honest but that has also helped me to focus and learn portuguese and study my scriptures and other things. Oh and another thing I never though mail from the outside world would be so exciting. People here literally love letters and cant blame them. Dear Elder or a letter is definantly the way to go over which we can only use for 30 minutes. Being here at the MTC is a learning experience and I am learning a lot and my testimony is growing and with sole purpose being on missionary work for the lord, I learn new things every day and strive to be better and work harder.
Love your son,
Elder Ryan McCord
heres my address