Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 27, 2011

So this is the week when I get my reassignment to somewhere in the states, english speaking. I really have no idea where I could go and from what I have seen so far its very random, most of the times you only go with one other elder from your district. So I should find that out tomorrow around 1 or so and then depending on when I leave can call home at the airport or friday or something. I will definantly send you all an email the day before I call. So thats the big news for this week, it is crazy that it has already been 8 weeks, I am actually having a great time, even though it seems like everyone else doesnt really like the mtc. I guess I just got pretty lucky to have 2 good friends in my district and have made friends with a lot of other elders. Finally started to work well with my companion and planning and studying together so that has made things go by real well and its amazing how time flies here. The portuguese is coming along pretty well, still working on verb conjugations and memorizing words, but at this point I no longer have to translate before I speak. Hopefully I dont lose it while I am in the U.S. for who know how long. I have a feeling I will go to NYC, anyone else have any guesses? I should be able to watch general conference here but the schedule is pretty crazy as they have to feed everyone in between sessions and what not, but I am excited as its a chance to get out of class and listen to some inspired men and women. Oh I also had the chance to host this past wednesday and tomorrow, its basically where you take the new elders with their bags to their rooms and then their classrooms, it is actually really interesting how families interact, there was one family who was crying and another one that says "see you in two" and drives off. It was a good experience though and funny to see how nervous some of them were. The phrase for this week for you all is Tudo bem? I feel blessed to learn a language here and the 8 weeks has also given me the opportunity to get a lot more scripture study in which I was kinda behind in. Oh I also didnt realize that in order to go to Brazil you must graduate seminary, guess those early mornings actually payed off.

Love you all and have a great week,

Elder Ryan McCord

Mals how are you teachers? you feeling better yet? what are you xc times? you running on your toes? take the SAT yet?

Pooch that stinks about soccer, sounds like you are getting cheated, just remember to play physical. Do you have more hw now? when does bball start? hows graham playing? and uw? Kess how was nyc? and can I get my memory card back yet? I might just have to ship those shoes back to you. Dating anyone? please dont send anymore candy, already have too much, thanks though. Love the packages! Taylor hows school going? you playing any intermurals? how many semesters left do you have? still living in that big house? Mom how are the little kids? hows the spanish coming? cant believe you are taking a college class. Dad hows school going? hows seminary with mals? heard sweets left for school. Thanks for the email from scott, need his address though.

Oh mals can you please update my address on fb when I find out. Thanks love you all and talk to you soon!

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