Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 6, 2011

So this week has gone by pretty well. The highlight was definantly Elder Holland talking to us last tuesday night for Devotional. He was very good and a powerful speaker. His talk didnt have a single topic but was kinda all over the place, he talked about prayer, the atonement, scripture study, how missionaries are often very as perfect as members and how we have no right to destroy that image. It was overall a very good talk. Oh I was in choir for it too, we he said he loved, so cant complain but I think I am done now b/c I dont think we will be getting another general authority while I am here. The Portuguese is coming along pretty well, but it got pretty tricky this week as we learned different verb conjugations, it is pretty similar to the spanish conjugations but still its tough cause we learned 5 different forms. The study has been going better this week, it is kinda tough at time to focus for an hour and a half at times but its good. I have gotten pretty close with most of the other elders in my district, although being in a room together for 10 hours a day can sometimes wear on you haha. Jessica sent me a little squirt gun this week, so that has led to some fun when we get back to our rooms, but one of the elders broke it yesterday so no more fun I guess. Its is amazing how many hours in the day I actually am able to focus, I have never focused this much at a time in my life or on one topic. But I can focus more and more fun each week. We have some really goofy elders which makes it fun, like Elder kolb my friend from school is always making joke and so is his comp elder stiborek. So its going pretty well, of course some days go by faster than others but for the most part it is enjoyable. I think mom would be proud of me that I am actually waking up at 6:30 every morning, its tough but every does it. Not sure what else to tell you, it is starting to get cold here too but we are always inside anyways. Oh and everytime for gym time I play soccer, had a sweet goal from 35 yards out yesterday. The best part of soccer though is you ge to leave the MTC compound, get to be outside, and run around which is a big deal cause I plan on sitting in a chair for at least 9 hours a day if not 14 its crazy. It is still difficult at times with the comp, just being with someone all the time and with someone who I probably wouldnt choose to be friends with but oh well, trying to make the most of it. So ya the grey pants would be sweet 34x34 works and propets size 11.5 should work I have tried on a few other kids propets and those should work, I just found one of the pairs of shoes I had wasnt really made for walking. Is mals excited to be a junior...crazy! and pooch in 7th grade? ohh and I cant believe AJ is going to be in middle school with pooch, maybe he can help matt with his hw. Thanks for the pictures I will try to print some off today for you guys. Thanks for all the letters and notes it really does help. Oh and tell mals to update me on her xc and tays schooling and kess' hunt for a husband or just a bf..I will take anything at this point.

Love you all so much,

Elder Ryan McCord

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