Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30, 2011

So everything is going pretty well here, we got 2 new roommates, one of which I was friends with at BYU so thats pretty cool. We also had our whole schedules changed cause of our teachers byu schedule so we will see how that goes. Its about to be an entire month here and the days go by faster and faster each day. I got 2 packages from Julie and Juliun which has been sweet to hear from them. The portuguese is coming along pretty well too which is great, although it is kinda tough to have a conversation because we know a lot of verbs but most/nearly all of our vocab is gospel things, which makes sense and I can teach lessons more easily now but if you ask me about going shopping I would have no idea what to say haha. This week has gone really well, I feel the spirit more and more each day. Also its sweet cause i thought I wouldnt be prepared gospel wise but what I have found is that the lessons are really simple and basic. Of course more preparation would have been nice but I am feeling I am doing well. Oh and can you guys ask about the visa situation cause I havent even gotten my online done yet, so I will probably be reassigned somewhere like most of the brazilian missionaries are but it would be nice to go straight down there. Oh and I asked last week if you wanted pictures but no response, dont worry mom I am taking some about 30 or 40 so far. My district is getting alrong really well and we are like a big family, we get a little roudy in class but we work hard too. So about the shoes, my heels were just killing me for the first 2 weeks so idk we will see how it goes. Also my pants that mom hemmed were too short so I am getting the hemming redone(my bad mom, thought they were long enough), but if kess could maybe get a dark grey ones, even from DI would be sweet. It would be nice just not to have to switch off from my blue ones to charcoal and then back. Anyways though I think an apostle might be coming tonight but we will see. It was tough at first but really now starting to feel the spirit and see the change I can make in peoples lives, even though they are fake investigators. I have also used a lot of stories in class about the trips to Ecuador and Bolivia. So that has been great. My comp is pretty cool, occasionally gets on my nerves and tries to tell jokes somethimes but its fine haha. So Taylor wanted t know what we did on P days and its basically temple, laundry, eat, sleep..maybe, and just hang out with guys in our district and then we will have choir practice and a devotional tonight. So its good, got a bunch of great guys in my district so its been a lot of fun. Hows 7th grade going for pooch? soccer still? hows junior year for mals going? and hows xc? she still managing my fb? haha How was Taylors trip with grandma? I heard gma's prespective but I want taylors. I heard mom hit charlie....it just wasnt hard enough! Thanks for all the emials dad and the updates. You start at BC yet? and never got that letter from Jake you told me about. I wish I could have heard chandlers talk I am sure it would have been sweet.

Love you all and thanks for keeping me in your prayers.

Elder Ryan H. McCord-

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