Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 20, 2011

So I dont think those shoes will work, what should I do? Can I just send Kess a picture of the ones I want? Thanks for trying though mom I really do appreciate it. So why is Kess in NYC? still didnt figure that one out? How is mals doing in xc? can I get times? How is she liking junior year, crazy it seems like last month she was a freshmen. Thats great about Pooch, got moved up to forward, remember to be aggressive and dont be afraid to go through kids. Thats was pretty good for the laps though 6 1/2in 12 minutes, still running with mals? Thanks for the football scores too. Mom the kids sound pretty strange not going to lie, have any biters this year or any Pelles or whatever that little french girls name was. Dad you start teaching at BC yet? Still playing church ball? Hows chandler doing adjusting back? tell him thanks for the letter, it means a lot. Oh and any chance I can get ahold of Garrett campbell, maybe email b/c stamps are too expensive! Love you all and thankyou so much. Kess can you buy a medium BYU shirt and I will send you money in return and find me the propet's I need. Thanks and have a great week!
So I see Joon about everyother day, so its good to talk and I have a lot of other friends here, so its always a fun time. So still no word on my visa, however I am actually really happy I came to this mtc. So in the past 4 weeks we have heard from 3 apostles. First Holland, than Ballard, and tonight Russell M. Nelson. Elder Nelson talked about the the BOM a lot and made several references to the new ensign that came out. I read the first 50 pages or so and its truely it great. It has been great though to hear from the apostles so often, and often times it is not the words they say but the spirit that they bring to the meeting which is so great. We are still studying here a lot and most of the times that studying is focused on the needs of our investigators (our teachers), but I find that a lot of the time the studying provides answers for some of my needs. Then trying to say what I learned in Portuguese is often times another story haha but the Portuguese is coming along pretty well, my verb conjugation is coming along better and I can speak fluently and quickly more often than not and a lot of the times I find its more how you say it then what you say. The days really do go by fast and its fun here, the 6 hours of class dont go by so slowly as I really try to crack down and learn Portuguese. Hopefully my reassignment til I get my visa isnt that long so I can keep my language skills. I know all the stuff I wrote before sounds boring but it is a good time here, from the small squirt gun fight, to teasing our British friends, its a good time. But its been going pretty well so far, still winning in soccer, so no need to worry. Finally figuring out how to work effectively in our companionship. I feel like its all finally coming together, just before I leave. Thank you for all the letters and the packages it really is a great help. Love you all, and tell everyone I say hi. 

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