Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 13, 2011

So I just got my pants that you all sent in the mail and I finally got my other pants hemmed, so now I finally have more than 2 pairs of pants to wear. Which will be nice, they are changing the mail room to another building so I will probably get that and dear elders later. Oh and I finally got my online visa done about 10 minutes ago, so hopefully it gets done soon so I can head straight down there, but who knows. This week has gone by pretty well, while the verb conjugations are still pretty tough I felt like I was finally starting to get a hang of the languange and talk pretty fast. Which is nice because I dont feel so boring when I talk. Our district probably talks about 50% of the time in Portuguese, so thats nice. There is a ton of study time too but we watch quite a few mormon messages to give ourselves breaks. We are literally studying for probably 3 to 4 hours a day. Which is pretty intense but oh well. Oh soccer is going to well too, our district still hasn't lost yet. Tell Pooch I had a 45 yard bomb , curved it in the top left corner. So I want to know when he can top that haha. The gym time really helps to break up the monotony of the schedule, which is tough because sometimes you feel like you arent making much progress but we got a great district and so guys are always helping each other out. But ya the study time consists alot of planning for lessons, reading from preach my gospel, studying portuguese words. Then we usually have class,which is all in Portuguese. Oh and not really related but we always hear about BYU football, like a friend of mine will get a letter about it, or someone will find a newspaper article just kinda funny. Well I love you guys and thanks for the letters.

How is Mallory doing in xc? times? how is junior year? How is matt doing in soccer? record? scoring any goals? Does he have any teachers I have? Hows school going? Hows BC going for dad, ever see Jeff? Can I get his, Jake's, and Chris' address? Hows pre-school going for mom? When does Taylor head back to school? Who is he living with? How come Kess is going to NYC? Hows her love life? Thanks Pooch for the scores! The guys in the hall love them haha. I might write a little more later today but love you guys. Oh and can you check with scott Mccord's family if I ever wrote them back.

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