Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 29, 2011

I think I will call the home phone between 6 to 630 Utah time, so 5 to 530 your guys time. I think I only have 5 minutes to talk though and I should be able to call you tomorrow morning at the airport, I get my flight plans after lunch so I will be able to tell you then. I am pretty excited to go to nashville, obviously never been there before and never guessed I would, still hoping I get my visa soon but I am definantly excited to go to Tennessee, cant complain about going to two missions. Oh and dont worry, I am not breaking any rules by emialing you, since I have P-day again today because I have to pack and what not. I am going to send the shoes back to Kess today, and do you know if she has sent new ones yet. I just dont know how the pair of rockports I bought with dad will do walking. Its great to hear from you all and thanks for telling me about Jacob, that sounds amazing. I know the beginning of my mtc experience was a little rough, and everyone for the most part kinda questions what they are doing here but I really feel now that I have made the most of this experiences. I have worked hard and made a lot of friends, overall a great experience and I love the direction I have been getting while being here. Love this work.

Love you all,

Elder Ryan McCord

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